Bridal Floral Portraits

A few years ago, I attended a wedding on the Cape and was so impressed with the floral centerpieces at the reception I knew that I just had to do a painting of them. The result became a gift for the bridge and groom. It wasn't until I received their enthusiastic thank you note that I began to understand just how meaningful such a painting can be. Typically, the flowers that a bride carries have some special meaning to her and/or her groom. At the very least, a bride will carry a flower that she loves. The floral bouquet paintings have become a a wonderful gift from a special friend or relative.

Floral Portraits begin at $295 for a 16x20, other sizes are available.

193 Quaker Highway Uxbridge, MA 01569

I also offer portraits of Homes, Landscapes, or People. For more information, please visit the House Portraits or Personal Portraits page.

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